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Raze 3


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Raze 3

You want to be a hero to save the whole world like Superman or Batman? You want to challenge yourself in exciting and blazing gun battles? Raze 3 is all you are waiting for. Raze 3 is a wonderful gun-shooting game, where you can show off your shooting skills and then become the hero of the world because the destiny of the whole world is in your hands!

The scene of Raze 3 game is in many years ago, when aliens came to the earth and the invasion of aliens turn the earth mom into a planet where is full of ashes. Human beings started to build civilization in the universe while reconstructing the earth after being heavily damaged. The army set up a specially trained team to protect the earth and you are a soldier in this team.


Your mission in the game begins when the scary aliens have come back with a lot of zombies and robots to destroy our earth mom again. You have to become a real deal with bravery, quick and correct reaction, accurate shot to destroy as many enemies as possible. And now, are you ready to save the world, to write your name down to the history of the world?

Walkthrough of Raze 3

In the beginning of Raze 3, you should set the local save mode and then, click next. In the overviewing screen, there are 4 icons in the left lower corner of the screen. The 4 icons show you the gun selection, the way to knock down the enemies, your achievements that you have got and the last one is the graphical settings, you can set the graphic as what you like.

There are 2 play modes, which are called QUICK MATCH and HUMAN CAMPAIGN. In the QUICK MATCH mode, you will join in a quick match with only one round. Your achievement in this mode has to reach the required level to win the game. In the HUMAN CAMPAIGN mode, you have to overcome 15 levels, which gradually become harder after each level.


When the game starts, you and three of your allies are sent to the enemy base, where you have to break the doors to go further by slamming the door locking machines. When you have managed to come in, you are equipped another weapon, a sword. Then, you have to run to the railway alone to pave the way for your allies. Where there bullets shot out, you have to stop and use your sword to fight.

When you pass the railway, you will come in and mysterious tunnel, then, you have to come to the light beam to jump forward and pass the wall. And now, you are in the other side of the wall. There, you have to fight against the robots and zombies, which is the time when real battle begins.

Your weapon will be upgraded after each challenge, so remember to upgrade your weapons and use them flexibly so that you can defeat your enemies as soon as possible. In addition, at the same time, you have to pay attention to the numbers in the corners of the screen to get the important information.

Introductions of the control of Raze 3

  • Arrow keys or WASD: to make your character move.
  • Space bar: to make your character jump
  • Move your mouse and click: to adjust the aim of the gun shot and shoot
  • Q/E keys or Shift/Enter keys: to choose the weapon in front or behind
  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 keys: to choose the special weapons to use
  • F/Ctrl keys: to search for something
  • Esc/P keys: to pause the game

Raze 3 is the third edition of the famous game series, which is the gun shooting game series, the 2 editions before are Raze and Raze 2. With the success of Raze 3, the 4th edition of the game series, Raze 4, has been released in the waiting of many players.

Beside the main versions, there is an extra version, Raze unblocked, which you should try now to experience the game in a completely extraordinary way. From all of these above, you can see how attractive the game is with amazing graphic, incredible designs and exciting challenges. Now, have you get ready to be the hero who saves the world?

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